High availability of IT systems and data is a major issue, and will be for many years to come for IT managers who are responsible for the security of data for businesses and the smooth running of applications and systems.

The aim is to protect against unplanned downtime (breakdowns) and also against planned downtime (updates, upgrades, etc…), of which the consequences can sometimes be underestimated.

SAMA TECHNOLOGY uses each component of the IT system to provide a solution which caters to the needs of its customers. From simple backing up or storage policy of sensitive company data to the continuity of service systems up until the return of business, SAMA meets all of these requirements through innovation.

As technologies are constantly developing, the implementation of a disaster recovery plan or a high availability system solution can be very complex and costly nowadays in terms of administration of processes and resources as opposed to direct costs of implemented products (hardware, software).Therefore, innovation should be a simplification, consolidation and optimization service in order to reduce administration costs.

That's why, through its Business Continuity offer, SAMA TECHNOLOGY places a particular importance on advice and developing a portfolio of solutions which are unmatched on the market.

Boasting an unmatched technological advance, SAMA TECHNOLOGY is in fact, one of dominant players in the market with the power to offer its clients a complete business continuity infrastructure (Servers, storage, Cluster, DRP, continuous availability, Management Software's) , which can reach a 99.999% level of availability.

  • - A detailed analysis of the needs and issues of the business
  • - Expertise of the design and sizing of the infrastructure (servers, storage, backups, PRA…)
  • - Tele-surveillance services to prevent incidents
  • - Integration and support of required hardware and software
  • - Business continuity services and Disaster Recovery Plans for virtualized environments

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